Featured projects

Backup (Android)

Back up and restore your Messages, Call logs, APKs and more.

FineLock (Android)

A simple launcher for Samsung's Good Lock modules. Requires Samsung phones.

Tap tap (Android)

Just a simple tap tap game.

Simple NTP (Chrome&Edge)

Give your browser's New Tab Page a fresh look.

LinkQRs (Web)

A URL cleaner, shortener and QR code generator.

Base64 Encoder & Decoder

A simple online tool to encode and decode Strings.

Material Design Color Palette

Material Design Color palette helper files for Android (Java and Kotlin classes, as well as Color resources), Web (CSS & JS) and Inkscape.

Privacy policy

Apps made by YUH APPS don't collect your personal data. Therefore, all your data generated by my apps never leave your device unless you want them to. For example: you upload your call log backups to Google Drive or Dropbox. The upload progress is handled by other apps. After sending an Intent which contains the Uris of your backups to these clients, BACK UP does nothing more.

My projects are only distributed via Google Play and Chrome Web Store and my GitHub repo. Please get them from there instead of any other sources.

You take all responsibility to protect your personal data. Please always have apps from trusted sources, for example: Google Play or the marketplace provided by your device manufacturer like Samsung Galaxy Store. YUH APPS takes no responsibility for any data leaks caused by any other apps on your device, even those data were generated by my apps.